Who we are:

JMM is a dynamic company and has quickly emerged as a market leader in the supply of quality industrial tools to the construction, metal work, joinery, and various other industries. With its founder identifying a need for a specialised and honest supplier, who is able to offer individual service and high-end quality products, JMM was established in February 2007. Over the past 10 years JMM’s services have moved beyond its home town of Durban to different parts of the country and the African continent as a whole. Now in 2017 our sales & service teams have grown to include a highly skilled, diverse and passionate group of people.

From its commencement, JMM has always aimed to provide efficient and exceptional service that sets it apart from its competitors. Customer service is a core business strategy at JMM with a commitment to building sustainable relationships. We value the input we receive from our customers, both long standing and new, and always strive to meet their needs. At JMM we have an open book policy in which transparency and reciprocal relationships are prioritised.

In today’s global and fast paced world we are even more driven to provide the personal touch in which our customers leave feeling valued and satisfied. By giving our customers the advice and solutions they need, we aim to assist them in achieving their goals in the most stress free manner as possible. By providing quality products & services at competitive prices, we aim to become the preferred supplier in our industry.

Our Values

The company’s core value is integrity having been established on Christian principles. JMM stands for “Jesus makes miracles” and we keep that close to our hearts in offering honest advice, value for money service and complete transparency.

Our Objectives